Brandon Estate project with young people

Southwark Council have commissioned the organisation, ‘We Made That’ to deliver an exciting piece of work on the Brandon Estate with young people. Using innovative methods of engagement, they will be delivering a youth led review of facilities and public spaces on the Brandon Estate.

This project has come out of the strategic review of the youth services which took place last year. One key finding from the review was that young people want, and need, to be part of the decision-making process and involved in the design of the youth offer in the borough. Another related finding is the need for appropriate “young people friendly” spaces.  Young people told us that they want to have ownership of, and feel safe in different spaces around the borough. As a result, one of the specific recommendations from the review is to, ‘Deliver a young people led review of facilities on the Brandon Estate’. In scope of this review are the TRA halls (along with the Jack Hobbs Centre, Brandon youth centre, Brandon library, the outside space on the Brandon Estate and nearby facilities e.g. local adventure playground).

It is hoped the engagement work will take place in April when the weather is better and restrictions have been eased.  They will be reviewing this on a regular basis and allowing for flexibility due to the current situation.

For further information, contact

Catherine Snell, –

Please see the detailed specification document  – Youth led review of facilities for young people on the Brandon Estate