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April TRA Meeting in Jack Hobbs TRA meeting room

April 20 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

19:00 – Welcome, Guests,  & Attendance Register

19:05 – Great Estates

Shipping Containers

Two shipping container ‘Parklets’ are being considered. The first shipping container parklet is now a work in progress, and we need to start to decide on some of the fit out and finishes that we would like. The second proposed parklet would be house some retail, such as a coffee stall.

We would like to apologise to the nearby residents for the noise nuisance caused during the cutting out of the windows, but we did restrict the working hours from 10:00am – 4:00pm. Peter Balazs, who is doing the construction work is with us this evening, and can hopefully outline the next stages of the construction & fit out of the container.

There are models in the room, that represent some of the ideas that we are working on, and we would like to open the floor to you all to make suggestions and discuss how we can make this an addition to the Maddock Way area.

Street Market Idea

We have been in discussions with David Suen (Great Estates) & Lisa York (Street Markets Team) and we have decided that the best way to trial this idea was to provision eight  Gazebos (3m x 3m) that will be kept by our TRA, and we can look to trial some street market themed events over the summer months –

    • Local crafters & makers market
    • World foods event
    • Boot / Table sale
    • Xmas Market

The idea is to test the concept and see what is popular, and maybe bring in some professional market traders down the line. We will also have use of these gazebos for other TRA hosted events.

Recycling bin Enclosures

A number of extra Recycling bin Enclosures have been ordered to ensure that we have an even number of bins outside each block. There is a barcode on each bin, that you can scan with your phone to trigger a 24 hr collection.

19:45 – Queens Jubilee Celebration

Funding of £500 has been offered by Southwark towards a Jubilee celebration. Does anybody have any suggestions on what we might do to mark the event? Please feel free to submit any ideas that you have. The Jubilee bank holidays are 2nd & 3rd June.

We need to coordinate with the other local TRA’s so that we do not clash with their events.

19:55 – Wildlife Park Summer Trip Away

Following the very successful Brighton trip last year, we are planning to apply for some funding to arrange a trip to Howlett’s Wildlife park just outside Canterbury this summer. Details are yet to be finalised, but we hope that we can arrange another great event, and include as many residents as possible.

20:05 – District Heating

No change since last month. A number of upgrades (anti-vibration mounts, isolation bellows, etc.) have been retrofitted to the existing plant rooms to address the noise issues.

Further analysis was done on the pipework in Bateman & Cruden houses, and this was also found to be in excellent condition. Sylvester Hilton has proposed visual inspections of the remaining three blocks.

It has been agreed to get an independent review of the works undertaken in 2019, which introduced the current issues we are having with noise & heating outages, and we will have an input into the terms of reference of this review.

We have agreed the ToR and this is now being put out to tender.  However, given the time of year, it now looks likely that this will not be undertaken until the Autumn now.

20:10 – Vacant Shop Unit on Maddock Way

The void shop unit beside the pharmacy is supposedly now let to a nursery business, however we have seen no evidence of any occupancy or refurbishment.

20:15 – Update on Jack Hobbs Club

We are still awaiting clarification on this.



April 20
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm