TRA Committee Meeting 21st April

Our next TRA meeting will be held on Wednesday the 21st April @ 7:00pm. Please find the Zoom link below:

Ward counsellors & the Resident Services team have been invited to hear your views & answer your questions.

Please use the contact form if these are any items you would like added to the agenda.


19:00 – Welcome, Guests,  & Attendance Register

19:10 – Great Estates Update

David Suen & Sharon Miller will provide an update on the various strands of this project.

19:30 – GiG Funding Ideas

Open discussion around ideas to gather ideas for some outdoor social event for residents.

19:50 – CGS Projects

Junior Gardening Area

Composting Area

20:00 – Heating Update

Heating failures are still ongoing. We have asked for LBS to pause any further works until we can sanity check the existing plans, and try and identify why we are having so many outages & noise from the heating pipes following the riser pump upgrade in October 2019.

20:10 – ASB & large gatherings on Park Extension

As the weather has improved, large groups are once again using the park extension as a party space. We need an update from ward counsellors on steps being put in place to prevent a recurrence of the problems we experienced last year.

20:30 – Resident Issues – Q&A with Counsellors & Resident Services

Open session for residents to ask questions, report repairs

20:45 – AOB

AGM – hold online in May?

Cycle Storage – locations submitted to Nat

Jack Hobbs Club Steering Board – No update to report