Brandon Summer Fete Registration

Please note that those who have already registered to use the website will automatically be registered for the Summer Fete and prize draw.

Please call at the registration desk to collect your wrist bands.

You will be asked to complete a short form to update the permissions you give to us to provide you with information.

All visitors will be given the opportunity to receive information from Community Fibre who are providing better internet on the Brandon Estate.

Committee members of the Tenants and Residents Association and suppliers can not win any prizes.
If their names are drawn then the prize will be redrawn.

Register early to be in with a chance of winning some super prizes!

Community Fibre is a Summer Fete sponsor and is providing better internet services on the Brandon Estate and surrounding areas.

Please indicate the number of adults and children in the group.

You may register additional groups, with a minimum of one adult for every 4 children. This is to ensure that Health and Safety Regulations are complied with.
Maximum 6 adults per group
Maximum 6 children per group

Why do we ask you to register?

Quite simply we can provide a better, safer festival if we have an idea of how many people will be attending.

If you wish you can choose to give us feedback on your experience at the Festival afterward.

If you choose to help us in this way we will email you a survey after the festival.

This feedback will help us to plan an even better festival next year.

Thank you for your time

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