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Update – Food Growing Plots

We got the following update from the GE team tasked with delivering the new growing spaces: Dear all, Thanks for your patience while we’ve liaised with contractors about the new food-growing space. We are now in a position to confirm that we can go ahead with the build and the contractor can begin in mid-June. […]

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Great Estates – New Planting outside tower blocks

The Great Estates project to install new planting outside the tower blocks has now been completed, and handed over to our residents to look after. The planting has turned out to be smaller than the visualisations that were shared with us to indicate what the finished scheme would look like (above) so it has been […]

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Proposed New Growing Area & Issues with Wooden Planters

We have been in consultation with the Great Estates team over recent months to come up with a design for some new organic growing plots for residents to use. Last week we were presented with a proposal from Ruth & Sophie for a scheme containing 10 wooden raised be planters, as detailed here. However we […]

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Irrigation system installation – Bateman House

The gardening group have installed an irrigation system to allow the efficient watering of all the planting in the triangular bed at the front of Bateman House. This will provide water directly to the plants that have been moved into this space as part of the Great Estates refresh of estate planting. The system consists […]

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plants in beds brandon estate

Gardening plans for the Brandon Estate

Re-design & refresh of planting by the towers As part of the Great Estates project, LB Southwark is proposing to improve some of the communal areas on the Brandon, and It is being proposed that they refresh the existing planting at the base of the towers, as per the pictures below: This could involve either […]

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Walworth Community Garden Show

Walworth Community Gardening Network Presents Walworth Community Garden Show 12pm to 4pm Saturday 29th June 2019   Part of the Pasley Park Fete SE17 3ES   Free Entry Lots of Prizes Gardener’s Question Time Bring along your best flowers, fruit, and veg from your community garden, school, or allotment to the Walworth Community Garden Show […]

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Walled Garden

Renovation of Library Walled Garden

The Brandon gardening group have started a project to renovate the walled garden behind the Brandon library. The area has been cleared, and the gardening group are planting an organic fruit and vegetable garden, with fruit trees, apple and pear, fruit bushes, – raspberries, gooseberries, blackberries, blackcurrants and redcurrants and vegetables including tomatoes, chilli peppers, […]

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