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Brandon Cleaning Survey

The quality of the cleaning provided on Brandon Estate is disgraceful. From speaking with the cleaning operatives, they cite the workload as being untenable to properly clean the estate. We would like more manpower to be deployed so that the estate is cleaned to an acceptable level. We would also like to see more automation, to get better cleaning.
The ‘Housing Revenue Account – Indicative Rent Setting and Budget Report 2020-21’  clearly states that LBS charges every resident £5.99 per week for cleaning. Given that Brandon 1 has 665 properties, this equates to our residents paying (£5.99 x 665) a total of £3,983.35 per week.
We are paying £3,983.35 per week yet, only £1,600 of this is being spent on cleaners wages. We need more cleaners to be assigned to the Brandon so that the estate is cleaned properly, and we get what we are paying LB Southwark to do.
We are conducting a survey to feedback your views to LB Southwark cleaning and resident services teams

Survey closes 16th March

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TRA Satisfaction Survey

Please take a few minutes to complete this short survey.

This will help us shape our priorities for the next year.

Survey closes 30th June

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Great Estates Survey

The Brandon Estate has been selected as part of the Great Estates initiative, by Southwark Council.

The Great Estates is designed to get residents to feedback on some projects that we can develop to improve the estates that we live on and make Brandon Estate a better, and safer place to live.

The Brandon is a well-designed estate, but what ideas would make it better?

We have listed some suggestions below, but please feel free to add your own suggestions too.

We would also like to ask your opinion on asking Southwark to consider making the Brandon a Conservation Area.

There are a lot of advantages to doing this, both for Southwark Council and us as residents.

Please help us by completing the questions below?

Survey closes 16th March

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