Low Traffic Neighbourhood’s – Southwark’s new Brexit

It is now almost a year since experimental measures have been put in place across Southwark to trial Low Traffic Neighbourhoods. This was all done bypassing the consultation process using powers granted to deal with Covid. It must be said that there are extreme views about LTN’s both for and against, and the arguments seem […]

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Walworth Road Closures

The stated intention of these road closures is to eliminate ‘rat-run’ traffic from using residential Walworth streets to cross from the Old Kent Rd, to the Walworth Road, to Kennington Park Road, and to improve air quality, and encourage more walking & cycling. Abandoning the elderly & mobility challenged residents However there are some negative […]

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Road Closures Across Walworth

LB Southwark, led by Cllr Richard Livingstone is proposing a number of road closures and traffic changes across Walworth. This will radically affect your ability to travel by car or motor vehicle, and will involve closures to motor vehicles on Larcom Street, Browning Street, Merrow Street, Amelia Street, Manor Place, Alberta Street, Penton Place, Chapter […]

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