Serious Safety Issue @ Walters House

Please take extreme care when entering or leaving Walters House, as the rear door is about to fall off its hinges, and could seriously maim or kill a resident. The door is now just attached by two rivets and the doorcloser. Constructed of steel & glass, it must weigh in excess of 250Kg, and could easily crush an adult or child if they accidentally pulled it, or bumped against it especially when trying to manoeuvre a pram, buggy, bicycle, or mobility scooter through this entrance. This has been an ongoing situation since the summer of 2023. This issue has been reported to our RSO on numerous occasions, but we are still awaiting any response from the resident services team regarding any strategy for making this safe.

Unfortunately it has been left to deteriorate to the point where it now could cause a serious risk to life. Please see some photos, taken this morning (4th February 2024) of the current state of this door.

All Walters House residents should enquire about getting a rebate in the weekly secure ‘Door Entry’ charges that LBS are still collecting as a surcharge to your weekly rent payments, as detailed below:

If we are all paying money for a service, LBS should effect this repair, & deliver the service that they are charging for. LBS are charging the residents of Walters House £2,758.08 per annum to maintain door entry – (£0.78 x 52 weeks x 68 residential dwellings) The door entry has not been noticeably maintained in the in the 26 years we have lived here, so you can do the maths to figure out just how much ‘service charge’ we have paid, over the years……

Response from Southwark on 7th February 2024 below:

Southwark Council – Corporate complaint
Our reference: 22777248

Dear Tom Lloyd
I am writing to acknowledge receipt of your complaint which was received by Southwark Council on the 7th February 2024 regarding Serious Safety Issue at Walters House.

We appreciate you taking the time to bring this matter to our attention as we are committed to providing excellent service to our residents and take all complaints seriously.

Your complaint has been assigned to the Repairs Resolution Team to investigate.  We aim to provide you with a written response by the 21st February 2024.  If there are any delays in providing you with a response we will let you know.

We understand that you are seeking that we repair the main door as quickly as possible in response to your complaint.  Our priority is to address your concerns and work towards a resolution that satisfies all parties involved.

Effective communication is crucial throughout this process and we assure you that we will keep you informed of any updates regarding your complaint.

Once our investigation is complete we will contact you to discuss the findings and any potential actions or remedies that may be appropriate.

Should you have any questions, require further assistance, or wish to provide additional information regarding your complaint, please contact or call the Repairs Resolution Team directly on 0207 525 3535.

Yours sincerely

Vanessa Shone
Customer Resolution Support Officer
Complaints & Members Enquiries Team
0207 525 0042