Junior Gardening Club

New Brandon Junior Gardening & Eco Club!

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In the club we will be growing edible plants and bee friendly flowers, get involved in crafty activities around the garden, learn tips to garden with less, and of course harvest our own grown fruits and vegetables to take home!
Activities would include:
  • Identify plants: observe, touch, smell and taste your edible plants
  • Grow a plant and learn how to care for it
  • Make a tippee for plants
  • Re-use packaging from your kitchen, sow seeds from your cupboard to grow edible plants
  • Grow, discover and taste unusual varieties of your favorite veggies
  • Plant a bee friendly flower rainbow
  • Make plant food from fruits and veg peelings (compost)
  • Harvest food to take home and collect seeds
  • Design signs for your garden
  • Make bug hotels
  • Build a scarecrow

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