Help with Coronavirus (COVID-19) effects on families

Neighbours & Families:

With schools being off, families being around each other 24/7, and neighbours more sensitive to sharing space than ever before, living well in our communities is changing and will be challenging.

Let us help to ease the transition. Community mediators from Southwark Mediation are here to help you to deal with tensions and support communication between people to build understanding and positive relationships. The above service is free to residents on the Brandon Estate.

Separated Parents:

Is Coronavirus (COVID19) affecting the contact arrangements for the children?

Do you need to talk with your ex about caring for the children during a period of

self-isolation or social distancing?

Our family mediator is on hand to help you talk about maintaining relationships with Children you don’t live with or how to minimise tensions with your ex-partner over your children.

All meetings are available via online meeting facilities to keep everyone safe.

For most people on universal credit, we can offer a free service. For those not on any benefit or working, we have very competitive rates so our service is accessible to everyone.

To discuss the support available to you please contact:

Dave Walker  Southwark Mediation Centre

Phone: 0300 302 0058


 Southwark Mediation Centre is an independent community organisation with charitable status that offers a confidential service to Residents on the Brandon Estate.