Walworth Road Closures

The stated intention of these road closures is to eliminate ‘rat-run’ traffic from using residential Walworth streets to cross from the Old Kent Rd, to the Walworth Road, to Kennington Park Road, and to improve air quality, and encourage more walking & cycling.

Abandoning the elderly & mobility challenged residents

However there are some negative consequences of these road closures. Many elderly residents are dependent on using their cars infrequently to do a weekly shop in a supermarket, or attend doctors or hospital appointments. It is unlikely that the over 70’s will take up cycling en-masse, and it would be unsafe if they did. Forcing residents onto (non socially distanced) busses in the middle of the covid pandemic is an act of madness.

More air pollution outside schools

There may be less traffic on local closed roads, so vehicles are just pushed back onto the already heavily congested roads. So traffic will be more backed up on Kennington Park Road, John Ruskin St, Camberwell New Road, Walworth Road, Old Kent Road and the  Elephant. If these main arterial roads are blocked, it will mean greater air quality issues for those living on these roads. The John Ruskin Primary School now has permanent traffic jams on the road outside, contributing to poorer air quality for your children.

Exempt local Walworth residents from PCN fines

We would like to petition the council to make an exemption for local Walworth residents, from being fined for using local roads. This can easily be done by cross referencing the home addresses of the registration plates captured by ANPR against the council tax database, to identify local residents & make them exempt from PCN fines. A scheme could be put in place where local residents can apply for an exemption would be fairly straightforward to set up.

Find a fair solution that works for all residents

The council states that these road closures are ‘experimental’ and that they are prepared to alter them to adapt to residents needs. So we ask that a local exemption be trialled, to measure the percentage of journeys made by local drivers. Rather than impose a blanket ban on all journeys, try and find a solution that reduces pollution, but does not isolate elderly residents in their flats.