TRA Committee Meeting 17th February

Our next TRA meeting will be held on the 17th February @ 7:00pm.

Please use the contact form if these are any items you would like added to the agenda.


19:00 – Welcome, Guests,  & Attendance Register

19:10 – Rubbish & Recycling – Veolia

Updates from residents and issues over the last week & today.

19:25 – Jack Hobbs Club Steering Board

Discuss revised draft document from Eva Gomez.

19:40 – GiG Funding Art Project – Paula & Ola

Paula & Ola will introduce the Easter art project, which will be open to all residents of Brandon 1, 2 & 3.

20:00 – Bicycle Lockers

Update on provision of bike lockers. Residents have been asked to identify potential locations for extra cycle hangers.

20:15 – AOB

  • Director of Housing, Leo Pollak has resigned.
  • Heating action group.
  • The project to refurbish the communal GF lobby areas with fresh tiling – Tile samples have been delivered.