Hedge Planting

Sophie & Ruth from the Southwark community garden team have arranged for some hedging whips to be delivered to our gardening group to plant a hedge around the new growing area by Royal Road, from 11:00am on Saturday 15th January.

Alan Scott from Complete Ecology came along to help plant the new hedge, and brought a number of varieties of hedging whips for us to plant.  A number of the Brandon gardeners came along & we had a really successful event, and planted the hedge all around the perimeter of the growing area. This should ensure that we have a nice green border around the new beds. The allotment boundary is around 50m so there should be around 270 whips in total, a mixed native hedge. We also transplanted some fruit bushes from the library garden.

Thanks to Sophie, Ruth & Jon Best for arranging this event.

And thanks to all the Brandon gardeners who come along to this event to help out.

Please see some pictures of this event: