Anti-Social Behaviour on the Kennington Park Extension

We are all aware of the major disturbances that we had to endure during the summer of 2020, with noise, all night parties, and general disruption to our peaceful existence last year. With the Easter break approaching,  the easing of lockdown, and better weather on the horizon, we are expecting similar breaches and anti-social behaviour to begin again. We have raised these issues with various departments within Southwark, and a number of Zoom meetings have taken place to try and develop some coordinated strategy across Southwark & Lambeth to minimise the problem this year. Southwark have distributed a letter to all residents, a copy of which can be found here.

Some resources you may find useful:

The Noise and Nuisance Team

The Noise Team can be contacted on 0207 525 5777. The team operate from 7.00am to 2.20am Mon – Thursday. At weekends the service is available for 24 hrs.

If residents are disturbed by noise, the team will be called out to investigate. Where the team witness noise that is excessive i.e. loud music or partying, they will take measures to intervene and stop the nuisance. In dealing with large groups on common parts, the police will also be called to support. In situations where residents are being disturbed by excessive rowdy behaviour they are advised to call the police on 101 or 999

Southwark Anti Social Behaviour Unit (SASBU)

The anti-social behaviour team work closely with resident officers and a range of other services to deal with serious Anti-Social Behaviour. The team can be contacted on 0207 525 5777 or . The team work across a range of issues including dealing with young people and individuals who may have complex needs, to support them to change and amend their behaviour. In some cases the team have to take enforcement action which can include eviction from Council homes or other legal action.


Brandon Estate has a significant number of locations that are covered by CCTV. Although our CCTV operators regularly monitor the cameras, residents may call the control room on 0207 407 9553 if they see an incident of concern and ask the CCTV operators to observe and if required call the police.


The local police team that covers the Brandon Estate is Newington led by Sergeant Peter Smith. They would like to hear from you so they can listen and respond to any concerns or issues you may have. They can be contacted on 0208 721 2437 or via email: