Bicycle theft & anti-social behaviour

Following the theft of a child’s bicycle outside the Jack Hobbs club recently, we asked to SNT police team to investigate. Below is the response from PC Michael Lulu:


Dear Tom,

Data Protection prevents me from discussing with you the crime report you have supplied in depth.

I have checked the report 3019832/23 which you supplied and which was a telephone report made to police on Saturday 22/06/23. The report shows the location of the offence as outside Napier House in Maddock Way SE17 and not outside Jack Hobbs Club as you previously stated.

It appears that the victim contacted Southwark CCTV Suite but unfortunately no CCTV evidence was available as the camera in question was pointing down Cooks Rd at the time of the incident and no evidence was captured. The victim asked the CCTV suite to keep an eye out for her child’s cycle. The report states that although there were no witnesses to the theft and no suspect details being reported it is suspected that suspects involved were wearing the school uniforms from Ark All Saints Academy.

If there was a possibility of CCTV or lines of enquiry in relation to suspect identity the report would have been allocated to a police officer for further investigation. With no further information being available at the time of reporting the report was subsequently closed but the victim was informed that the report could be re-opened if further information came to police notice.

I have today attended the CCTV suite and confirmed that the camera in question; which is located in Cooks Rd, did not cover the location where the incident took place and have now been in contact with the LBS Public Protection Unit who oversee the boroughs CCTV coverage. The default position of this camera has now been changed to cover Maddock Way. LBS Community Wardens have been requested to forward any information in relation to youth ASB onto us and we will follow up enquiries to identify those involved if possible.

I have spoken with PC Nikki Wright who is the new police schools officer for Ark All Saints Academy in Wyndham Road SE5 and although there are no details of the school children involved in the theft she will none the less bring this incident to the schools attention.

Where appropriate evidence is available crime reports will be allocated to a police officer to further investigate. Any CCTV which has been identified will be viewed by the officer in the case.

I have searched our intel systems and over the past 12 months there has been 3 reports made to police relating to stolen pedal cycles. Crime report 3019832/23 and 3000329/23 were reported were reported outside Napier House. Both stolen pedal cycles were left unsecured at the location. The third incident (3026797/22) took place in Otto Street SE17. I would remind all residents that if their cycles are left unattended that it may be prudent to protect their property with appropriate cycle security. The third stolen cycle was taken after being chained to railings. Please can your residents be advised to make use of the Metropolitan Police Website to register their pedal cycles. Pedal cycles can be registered via the website by using the cycles frame number and this can help to reduce crime and unite property with their rightful owners. Valuable crime prevention advice is also given on the website (  We will be delivering some crime prevention advice to the victims of the three victims during our patrols on the estate. We are also planning a bike marking and crime prevention day on the Brandon estate in the near future.

With regards to viewing CCTV viewing I would suggest that any requests should be made to the LBS Public Protection Unit, who manage the LBS CCTV suite. Any request will be reviewed and risk assessed with regards to whether viewing the CCTV is in the public interest and abides with strict data protection protocols. This process applies to both police, LBS and the public. Requests and enquiries can be made via Southwark Councils website.

It is imperative that all crimes are reported to police for intelligence and crime prevention purposes. As stated previously, allegations of crime where witnesses or CCTV capture can lead to the identity of a suspect, a police officer will be assigned to that crime report for further investigation. A supervisor will monitor the progress of that investigation and its subsequent conclusion. Where suspects can be identified an appropriate case disposal decision will be taken to deal with the offender which may result in arrest. We also work closely with Southwark Anti-Social Behaviour Unit and we will share information which can subsequently be followed up by them.

Tom, I would appreciate if you could pass the above crime prevention information onto your residents and your continued support is greatly appreciated. Newington Safer-Neighbourhood Team (SNT) will continue to work in conjunction with London Borough Of Southwark and partner agencies to try and address our residents’ concerns. Community Engagement, Crime prevention and the detection of crime is a SNT core role. Youth engagement and efforts to divert them away from crime and ASB is an important part of that strategy and is something that LBS and SNT are working hard to address.

Views with regards road calming measures should be directed to LBS accordingly.

Kind regards

Michael Lulu

PC 2236 AS

Dedicated Ward Officer

Newington Ward