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Brandon Estate discussed at the Overview & Scrutiny Committee

Issues on the Brandon Estate were one of the topics being considered by the Overview & Scrutiny committee (OSC) on 2nd June 2020. Tom Lloyd (TRA chair) and five other residents joined the (video) meeting to make representations to the OSC, which included Cllr Evelyn Akoto, and ward counsellors Alice McDonald and James Coldwell. The main issues discussed were, district heating issues and compensation, issues around the works programme at the Jack Hobbs club, and activities being run at the Jack Hobbs club.

Cllr Evelyn Akoto, started with an introduction and said that now the CV-19 lockdown was easing the the weekly issues log and monthly meetings with TRA chairs would recommence.

The Brandon residents who spoke raised the following points to the OSC.

Ongoing concerns about district heating outages, and compensation payments to residents

• Dismay at delays with ongoing works programme at the Jack Hobbs Club

• Concerns that youth provision programme at Jack Hobbs Club is badly advertised, events being cancelled, and programme is mostly catering to youths from other parts of the borough, and not the Brandon

• Concerns that our tenants & residents are not being provided with adequate premises within the Jack Hobbs Club

• The Jack Hobbs Club should serve the whole community and not just youth provision

The full meeting can be viewed here, and listen to residents comments, from 36:25 minutes.

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