Brandon Parklet Ideas

As part of the great estates initiative we are exploring ways that we might improve amenities in the Brandon, and are looking at improvements that we could make on the Maddock Way shopping parade. Ideas include the restoration of some new public art on the wall spaces, some more planting, evaluating the possibility of having a Sunday Farmers market, and also considering putting in a Parklet.

The parklet concept  originated in San Francisco in 2005. The city pioneered the concept of converting a parking spot into an extension of the sidewalk, replete with seating and greenery in the form of a potted tree. These have proved immensely successful and has been copied in many cities worldwide, and the concept is hugely versatile, combining green planting, seating, cycle storage, device charging, and leisure space. In many instances the parklet is placed on the side of a road, in place of parked cars.

Read more about the San Francisco parklets here.

We are investigating developing this parklet idea to put in Maddock Way, maybe opposite the library, to re-engineer the use of the space by our residents. Please browse below some  images of parklet designs & ideas. You can click on the images for a larger view, and browse the image gallery. Our initial thoughts are to work on developing a prototype parklet using the footprint of a 20ft shipping container, that could be trialled in either Maddock Way, or elsewhere on the estate.

We would love your feedback on this idea, and to know what features and functionality you think would be most important and relevant to our residents.