Brandon Xmas Market

We ran our first market event in Maddock Way last Sunday. This was in demand to many residents asking for more choice of retail in Maddock Way, and to also stage a community event that allowed local people to book stalls & promote their goods in the run up to Xmas. Despite the sub-zero conditions, the event was a huge success, and traders included a local bee keeper, handmade candles, hand printed t-shirts, handmade soaps & beauty products, clothes, toys, vintage, woolen goods and a variety of food options. The wide variety of traders were a welcome addition to Maddock Way, and many residents picked up some Xmas gifts for their families. We had 10+ traders, and over 300 visitors attend the event.

Entertainment included a Xmas wreath making workshop, a steel pan group, a Lapland with reindeer photo backdrop and a Santa’s Grotto for the kids to play in. We were assisted by all our TRA committee and the Lambeth Young Advisors. Based on the Santa Gift bags that we organised, at least 65 children visited Santa and received a gift.

This idea was supported by Nils Bendle, from Southwark  who is helping us on a ‘High Street Recovery” project, aimed at rejuvenating the tired shopping parade in Maddock Way. This trial event showed that an occasional market was a good fit in the space, and encouraged residents to come down, mingle, socialise, and generally enjoy the space on a Sunday afternoon. Following such positive feedback we would hope to stage a number of further market events in Summer 2023. We also had support from the Southwark Street Markets team.

Please see some pictures below:

Some feedback from Silviya, a TRA committee member…..

Given that we had 5 weeks to organise, we pulled an outstanding event that ran well; the number of visitors matched expectations for the such short notice. Being responsible for the children’s activities and Santa’s grotto, I am very happy with what we did – the activities and Santa, but also giving some autonomy to the children to play and entertain each other, even teaching the newcomers how to engage in a certain activity. That was the fake snow “secret” recipe. The young elves (Lambeth Young Advisors) were outstanding with their attitude and help. I definitely would have struggled without them. They took the initiative and didn’t hesitate to offer help when needed.

We wanted to engage the community and have an exciting event for everyone. Personally, I was happy to see some of our more vulnerable residents come and engage with the event. For the children part, my target was to keep everyone involved engaged, and I am happy that we had children who came and did the snowflake design, garland making, fake snow making and spreading and colouring. All the materials purchased within budget were sufficient, and the packed Santa gifts were a great addition. We had a leftover of about 15 gifts which I think is according to plan.

Honestly, I had fun being part of the event. Not only did I get to be an elf for an afternoon, but I also got the chance to do something I am very good at entertaining children, helping the community and changing the way Maddock way is perceived. I wish we begin having these events quarterly, then monthly until we get to a weekly market. The times are difficult, and many of our neighbours have something to offer for sale, so it makes perfect sense to support our growing community and get together regularly.

Some feedback comments from attendees on the day……

“I thoroughly enjoyed myself at the Christmas Market the wreath making was great the food truck was excellent I had a brilliant day xxx” – Mandy, Cooks Road

“Was fantastic to see so many happy faces. Lots of residents out socialising, Maddock Way came to life. Great variety with the traders who were also very happy. Excellent food and drink and despite the cold lots of people sitting, chatting and giving big complements and positive feedback from all age groups. Big success” – Siobhan, Bateman House

“Lovely day. Thank you everyone on the TRA. Look.forward to next year’s Xmas fayre.” – Carol, Morton House

Thanks for organising such a great community event. We need more events like this on the estate, to bring the community together to socialise. We also really enjoyed the Wreath Workshop. – Dave, Cruden House

“I associate myself with all the good comments. It was a successful event, thank you all for a great teamwork!” – Babs, Brawne House

“The Brandon Xmas Fayre was new and fantastic to the estate. I enjoy every aspect of it especially the steel drum playing Christmas songs.” – Farrah, Molesworth House

Some feedback comments from the traders on the day……

“Thank you for a well organised event. I had a fabulous day and really enjoyed meeting some of the lovely people who attended. I would definitely like to be considered for any up and coming events in the future. I feel that it’s a great way to mix with the local community and offer something different and to look forward to. I would just like to add the music was really good and not forgeting  Santa’s elves who were amazingly helpful.” – Linda  (Vintage Stall)
Thank you for a well organised event. I had a great day and really enjoyed making gourmet food, And people who attended there loved it, I would definately like to be considered for any up and coming events in the future. I would be very happy if council could give me a place for a few days a week or fully, It helps to start my business there and it is very good for the community too. – Mustafa (Food Truck)
Enjoyed the event, for the first one I thought it was well organised and weather aside it went well. Would be happy to do it again with a bit more notice, always up for local events like that which come from the communities involved. – Dylan (T-Shirt Stall)