Brighton Trip – August 2021

Brandon TRA in association with Active Communities Network and supported by United St. Saviours, organised a trip to the seaside for 114 Brandon parents & children. We booked two 57 seater coaches which left the estate at 09:00am and and departed Brighton at 3:00pm. We organised some water & fruit for everybody on the trip down, and gave everybody an allowance for lunch. It was great to be able to get so many families a day out off the estate after all these months of lockdown. Lots of smiling faces in the pictures below.

Many thanks to Ola and Valentina, for doing all the hard work, dealing with the registrations, booking the coaches, and organising the food and snacks for everybody. The trip was also supported by Rubel & Enry from Active Communities Network who came along to help out.

And many thanks to Matt & Sarah from United St. Saviours who helped out with some of the funding.

Great that we have a really good TRA committee, who organised this trip. Below  are a few pictures of the day out. Now we just need to decide where to book for next year!!!

And some comments from the participants……

“Thank you all for turning up today, from Myself and the entire team, we say THANK YOU “😊🙏🏾 – Ola, Cornish House

“Wonderful family day the best ever” –  From Poole family, Morton House.

“Wonderful and exciting trip, really enjoyed the community spirit. Really enjoyed it with the kids excited to do more of this trips.” – Yetunde, Cornish House

“It was a wonderful day, despite the weather. We had lots of fun, especially the children. Massive thanks for organising the trip”. – Abi, Brawne House

“It was wonderful to take a trip down to the sea at Brighton with my family. I’m so grateful to Brandon 1 TRA (in particular, Ola and Valentina☺️) and all the volunteers for putting on this trip. I got to meet new neighbours and reconnect with those I hadn’t seen since the start of lockdown. A snack pack for the children was provided and extra fruit, water and hot patties for the adults! We had a lovely day. Thank you!”- Joy, Trevelyan House

Yeah it was a great 👍 trip, we all had a wonderful day at the beach and its cost us nothing I mean free of charge 😀. THANKS YOU….. – Ronky, Chaplin Court

“It was great, we really have fun. To my greatest surprise the trip money was given back to us, we’re really grateful.” – Thanks, Juliet 😊