CGS Funding – Damaged Wooden Planters

Back in 2009, LB Southwark installed 22 wooden raised bed planters  to effectively ring fence the (Grade 1 listed) Henry Moore “Recining Figure No 3′ and protect it from the threat of metal thieves. In the interim period, the Brandon gardening group has looked after the planting within them. However, when these planters were originally installed, they were not lined with any waterproof membrane, and have been slowly rotting from the inside out. Despite some still looking visually OK from the outside, they are now all in urgent need of replacement.
Unfortunately, neither the Culture Department (who installed them) or Housing (on whose land they reside) are showing any inclination to deal with replacing the wood with a more durable, maintenance free material.  We have identified a recycled plastic material which can be used, and comes with a 25 year guarantee. So it looks like we need to apply’ to the Cleaner, Greener, Safer (CGS) fund and hope that we can look to replace all 22 planters over a two year period.
We are hopeful that our local counsellors will be supportive of this bid, and help us to keep the grounds of the Brandon looking good. We hope to replace 11 planters using  2021/22 CGS funding, and the remaining 11 planters the following year.