Covid-19 updates – Newington Councillors email

Dear all

We hope you are taking care in this very challenging time.  As TRA and community leaders, we know you are already doing an amazing job of supporting residents.

We are here to help with anything we can to support you and residents so don’t hesitate to get in touch with any concerns, issues or suggestions. We’re pursuing answers to many of the issues you have already raise but please continue to let us know about anything especially if you are aware of any residents who need extra support. Things that come to mind are any neighbours/vulnerable residents worried about:

– their care workers getting to them.

– accessing meals, food banks, etc.

– paying council tax or rent (anyone struggling with this including can receive advice e.g people on unstable incomes). The council has said that any enforcement action in relation to unpaid debt (such as council tax) including court activity will be halted for the forseeable future.

– children on free school meals going into isolation.


As you will be aware the situation is  rapidly changing and Southwark council is continually monitoring national government advice to guide its response.  The most up to date information about its response is available  here

As the information about COVID-19 is changing quickly, residents are also advised to visit the government’s website for up to date information:

We understand that leaflets are due to go out to residents with key details from the council this week. We’ll continue to share information as we receive it.

Community engagement

Southwark  just  shared the guidance  below regarding community engagement.  We’ve all joined the Newington  mutual aid group -which I know many of you are on-  a link to the southwark mutual aid Facebook group with links to other ward groups is below  in case you would also like to join of course bearing in mind the guidance below

We know that many residents are keen to support vulnerable neighbours and that local groups of volunteers are forming to reach out to those who are self-isolating or social distancing. The council welcomes this, but also understands the need to provide some guidance for those wanting to help. The community engagement team has created a new page on our website which contains helpful information about volunteering, and who to contact if there are specific concerns about a resident. This page will be developed further over time, so please let us know if there is more information that would be helpful to share here. We are also setting up a dedicated phone line for this, and it will be in place shortly. Please do share this link with your communities.


Meetings and contacting us

Our in-person surgeries and ward forums – including the one on youth provision scheduled for the 28th March- are cancelled as per council advice. We will not be attending any in-person non-essential meetings and we know that TRAs have also been advised to cancel meetings.

We are, however, of course, available by phone or email- full contacts below. We’re also looking into arranging a video call with TRAs (thanks for the suggestion from Brandon 2) so will be in touch to arrange that too.

Please take care of yourselves and each other.


Alice, Eleanor and James.

Cllr Alice Macdonald

Newington Ward

T: 07783153556