Cycle Storage Lockers

There has been a lot of interest about cycle storage lockers, so we asked for some information about them  and got the following response from Dagmar Tolonen from the Highways Division:

We try to install Cyclehoop hangars where possible because they can’t be used for general storage or as hiding places for drugs or weapons. However, if there is an existing row of Bikeaway or Cyclehoop lockers and there is space for more, it’s easy to add more of them instead. Bikeaway and Cyclehoop manage the locker/hangar rentals and inspect lockers annually to make sure they are being used for bikes.

Annual rental costs:

Bikeaway lockers

£45 inc vat per year (plus £20 refundable deposit for the key). Renewals are currently £40 and with payment acknowledgments residents are advised that the annual rent will be increasing to £45 per year from their next renewal.


Lockers: Yearly rental fee is £30 (inc vat). Subsidy: none. Refundable deposit: £20 (inc vat)

Hangars: Yearly rental fee:  £60* (inc vat). Southwark subsidy: £20 (inc vat) Refundable deposit: £25 (inc vat)

*because of the subsidy, the final cost for residents is £40

Note: There are proposals to bring the rental cost for lockers in line with hangar spaces.

I don’t know if these can be managed by a TRA (to save rental costs), I have not come across this before. There are so many lockers and hangars around Brandon that are managed by Bikeaway and Cyclehoop, it might get a bit confusing if there were also some managed by the TRA.

Locker and hangar costs:

A 6 x Bikeaway locker project will cost £5,000

A 6 space Cyclehoop hangar project costs £5,000 (for one hangar) and if we install 6 Cyclehoop lockers it’ll be about £4,500.

Amounts above cover the cost of the materials and our fees.


Bikeaway: At present all repairs to damaged lockers are free of charge. However if the current level of repairs is sustained or increases this may change.

Cyclehoop: All repairs to damaged lockers or hangars are covered by contractual agreement via Highways (on-street hangars) or by the housing maintenance budget (estate lockers and hangars).