Filming on the Brandon 1st – 4th September 2021

Filming of a popular Netflix series  is due to take place on the Brandon estate.

Left Bank Pictures will be filming on the Brandon from Wednesday 1st September – Saturday 4th September on the Brandon. Most of the filming will be in and around the Jack Hobbs club, with some exteriors being shot too. This will involve the production crew using the grounds of the estate for parking production vehicles, and there will be a requirement to restrict some of the parking in the proximity of the Jack Hobbs club on the actual day of filming.

The production company, Left Bank Pictures, have consulted with LB Southwark, and the TRA to minimise any disruption to residents during this shoot. Brandon TRA are happy that we are engaging and working with Left Bank Pictures, and working hard to rehabilitate the image and reputation of the Brandon in the media.

Please see the residents letter here.

If you have any queries please contact:

Southwark Film Office on 020 7620 0391

Ian Lumsden – Location Manager +44 7780 756 511

Tom Lloyd – Brandon TRA +44 7973 808 263