plants in beds brandon estate

Gardening plans for the Brandon Estate

Re-design & refresh of planting by the towers

As part of the Great Estates project, LB Southwark is proposing to improve some of the communal areas on the Brandon, and It is being proposed that they refresh the existing planting at the base of the towers, as per the pictures below:

Planting Squares Brandon Estate

Planting Squares Brandon Estate

This could involve either planting supplemental plants, where existing planting has died or completely remove the existing planting and install a completely new planting scheme.

We intend to share these ideas with our residents and survey your opinions early in the new year.

Currently, it is being proposed to refresh the planting at the base of Bateman, Brawne, Cornish & Cruden Houses.

It is hoped that some of the residents in these blocks would get involved in maintaining this.

Community Gardening on the Brandon

We have an existing gardening group on the Brandon, who has been maintaining the communal planting in the 26 raised bed planters on the estate for the last four years.

Please use this link to email Brandon TRA if you would like to get involved.

plants in beds brandon estate

Planting Squares Brandon Estate

Gardening plans for the Brandon

Food Growing

The existing gardening group maintains a small food growing area near the Brandon library.

As part of this Great Estates initiative, we have the opportunity to look at installing some extra raised beds, to offer gardening space for more residents to join us, and be allocated a small patch to grow food on.

If you would like to get involved with the gardening group, help out, and get involved in food growing, please use this link to contact Brandon TRA

Fruit Trees on the estate

It is being discussed to plant some fruit trees – apple, pear, & plum trees within the estate grounds.

An area adjacent to Brawne & Prescott houses has been identified as a potential site.

Please visit and let us know what you think about these exciting plans.

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