Great Estates Update from David Suen

Please below the uddates that we requested (in black) and the responses we received from David Suen (in blue)


Gardening Strand

  • Update on planters below tower blocks?

We met on site before Easter to review planting; the job is expected to be completed next week. The plants look healthy and with the regular watering agreed with the group, we anticipate good growth in the first year, towards ultimate maturity after 2-3 years (the dimensions shown in the consultation visual). Tatjana and George will run through the watering system with the group once the job is complete and will visit the site regularly throughout the summer to check watering levels are working and feedback if any adjustments needed. It will be crucial plants are watered well in this first season to enable them to establish healthy root systems and to develop to full maturity.  We will source extra items requested by the group to help with watering.  We agreed to meet on site in the first half of September to review the planting and ensure that plants are developing as expected.

  • Update on Fruit Trees?

Fruit trees: while there is no problem with planting fruit trees around the estate, in locations agreed last year, we have had an issue with our tree nursery, which means planting will take place in November 2021. Trees will include a Bramley apple, as requested – plus other varieties of apple / pear. Please contact us if you have a specific request and we will check if possible to include in the final selection.

  • Update on extended community garden space ?

Food growing space: we are currently sourcing quotes for new raised beds and fencing in the green space behind Cornish House. We will be in touch re. plans, materials and a timeline for build with the group asap – we would like this space to be available by end May. The tap has now been moved to the rear of Cornish House, to be more accessible for the new growing space.


Bins & Recycling Strand

  • Ground levelling & preparation?

Our contractor has visited site on various occasions and is currently liaising with the MetroStor in order to ensure that the groundwork preparations meet their specifications.  They have now come to an agreement as to what is required before the bin units can be installed and I am now awaiting costings so that this can be approved.  Once costs have been approved, I will update you with a date for the preparatory groundworks to commence.  Also to note that all locations identified for the new housing bin units have been approved apart from the new location in the car park opposite Molesworth House which is not feasible.  Therefore, we will need keep the new bins units in the existing location but will remove the scope clothing bin to allow for the additional recycling bins.

  • Installation dates?

We first need to go through a procurement process, I am hoping that we can use a procurement framework and this will speed up the procurement process however I need to check this with colleagues in our legal and procurement teams.

Maddock Way Strand

  • Update on appointing a transformation consultant?

We do not have the budget to employ a consultant, from experience they charge at least between £400-500 per day and they will probably see this project as too small for them as we are looking to spend about £25,000 for the total cost of this strand. I have spoken to a colleague in regen and he will raise the idea of support for retail transformation advice with Lendlease and will let me know once discussed. The same colleague also mentioned that the London College of Communication have done work with local Walworth traders to help them improve window displays and shop layouts. Their students are looking for projects so we could explore this as well if it’s of interest to you?

  • Resident workshop & consultation?

I haven’t had a chance to arrange this but I will do asap.

  • Renovation & letting of empty shop unit?

We had received a response from our property section and sent you a reply to this in my previous email informing you that this empty unit has been acquired and will be re-let.  We are still awaiting on the type of business which will be occupying this unit, but will update you in due course.

  • Development of farmers market idea?

I think this links to the above workshop and we can start work on this.

I hope the above is a sufficient update, please let know if there is anything else. Looking forward to catching up with you on Monday.

Please also see the notes from a Zoom meeting that we had here.