Great Estates Update – July 2021

We received the following update from David Suen

I just wanted to keep you updated with where we are on the Great Estate project, here are the highlights:

The bin storage units have been procured and I am waiting for it to be signed off. I will then award the contract and I can then place an order for them but before this is done I will confirm final locations and colour schemes with you and the residents. I am hoping that they will be installed around late September/early October.

We have been looking at off the shelf planters for the existing Maddock Way bin area and I will send you and the residents some more information so that we can procure them.

University of the Arts London, London College of Communication have sent me a proposal for Maddock way, this is attached, please let me know your thoughts. If you and the residents are interested then I can look to make available some additional funding to cover the cost.

Please see the University of the Arts London proposal Click Here

I have spoken to Julian, our Tree Manager and I will work with him to plant trees. His team will fund the trees and Great Estates will fund street furniture.

Would you and the residents be interested in a mural on Maddock Way?

There is still more to do and the above is what has been done some far. Happy to meet to discuss further.