Heating Meeting – 30th November

Following the numerous heating issues we have been experiencing, we have invited the LB Southwark heating, technical, and capital works  teams to answer residents questions. Attending this meeting to address residents will be:

Paul Gathercole – Gas And Water Contract Manager

Sylvester Hilton – Major Works – Design & Delivery Team

Stephen Brown – Engineering & Compliance –  Asset Management – Housing and Modernisation

Stephanie Cryan – Cabinet member for Housing

Eleanor Kerslake – Ward Counsellor

Bola Odusanya – Project Manager II Housing and Modernisation


  • Why have we had so many heating failures?
  • What has been done to deal with ‘noise from the riser pumps’?
  • How will rising gas costs affect me?
  • What is Southwark doing to reduce carbon based energy systems?
  • Heat pumps – Can we avail of government grants?
  • Heat pumps – Do they really cost three times as much to run as gas boilers?
  • Are leaseholders being charged a premium?
  • Is Southwark planning to install individual heat meters?
  • How will individual heat meters impact on those on benefits?

To attend this meeting, and ask questions of the council, you must attend this meeting, details below:


Meeting ID: 953 0183 3816
Passcode: c99HXV