Jubilee Weekend Events around the Brandon

There will be a number of Jubilee parties & events taking place around the Brandon, some of which are listed below:

Brandon 1 TRA

Flower Crowns Workshop

Cream Teas on the Brandon grounds

Date: – TBC (mid June)

Brandon 2 TRA


Conant & Rutley TRA


Brandon 3 TRA

Thursday 2nd June
Pensioners movie evening
Pensioner hall – Grimsel Path
From 6.30pm – popcorn and drinks are provided
Friday 3rd June
Childrens movie afternoon – double feature
Pensioners hall – Grimsel Path
From 3.30pm – food and drink provided
Saturday 4th June – Jubilee event 
Grimsel Path triangle
2 to 7pm – all are welcome

Pellier TRA

Saturday 4th June – Jubilee event 
Street Party on Hillingdon Street
12 to 6pm – all are welcome