Brandon TRA Market

Maddock Way Improvements 2023

Below are the ideas we are proposing that could  transform Maddock Way into a vibrant shopping & leisure space at the heart of the Brandon.


Liverpool Grove Paving

Replace Underfoot Paving

Replace the underfoot broken, patchwork of repairs, and replace  the underfoot surface with paving to define the space, and define the boundary between public highway and Brandon estate grounds.  Have a look at the works done on Liverpool Grove for an idea of what could work well. And also renew the underground drainage, as the space floods after it rains.


Install railing with planters to make Maddock Way a pedestrian priority space

Install planters or railings or some other boundary solution around the Maddock Way area, to deter food delivery cyclists, teenagers on e-scooters, drug dealers on mopeds, and put up signage designating the area as being pedestrian priority. A border like this would define the boundaries of the estate, & zone the space as a pedestrian area. I am thinking something like this would work at the Canterbury Arms end of Maddock Way, by Cooks Road. Just as in the image below, we could put some branding or identity on the space.


Promote street market & ensure occupancy of void retail units

Support the TRA driven initiatives to establish an occasional street market on Maddock Way, bring more activity & retail back. Actively pursue a campaign to get the void units back into retail use. Ensure that any new tenants contribute to the improvement of the estate, and residents are consulted on which businesses are offered units.


Develop retail with new Trading Kiosks

Investigate the possibility of installing some pop-up / small stalls / shipping container retail, all along the middle of Maddock Way. (For inspiration & reference see what has been done at Pop Brixton or Elephant Park) The image below is from the New Kent Road in the Elephant & Castle. Installing 4 or 5 kiosks would greatly increase the amount of retail, they could be let to local small businesses, and also provide a rental income for LB Southwark.


Think about innovative ways to improve the look of Maddock Way

Install steel cabling to span across Maddock Way, that will support lighting or signage, so that the space can be dressed for events, mount Xmas lighting, signage, etc. Below is an installation of coloured umbrellas, used to dress a space for an event. This is an inexpensive, high impact solution