Meeting with Ward Councillors @ Jack Hobbs

Following the recent local government elections, we have two new councillors, John Batteson & Natasha Ennin, working alongside Alice Macdonald.

We have invited the councillors to meet with out committee, and take the opportunity to introduce themselves, and listen to any concerns we have. I provided a draft agenda of issues that have been raised with us, listed below. This is not a public meeting, but a chance for our committee to meet with the  councillors and try and see how we can work together.

Great Estates (GE)
We would like to share the ideas and to bring you up to speed with the GE projects that we are working on in Maddock Way – Shipping Container Urban Park, & Street Market ideas. We would also like an update on the Public Art initiative that was being discussed earlier this year.

Dealing with e-scooters on the estate
We have an epidemic of mopeds & e-scooters speeding on our footpaths, and especially in the Maddock Way shopping parade. We need to look at speed humps or some other speed restrictions. We are also plagued with food delivery riders using our footpaths as a rat run to the north of the ward. Can we look at what options are available to us?

Vacant & void retail units on Maddock Way
Three of the eight retail units on Maddock Way are either vacant or void. The unit beside the pharmacy is still derelict, with no signs of any remedial works commencing. Can we look at what can be done on this topic?

High Street Recovery Fund
We have been awarded £25k from the high street recovery fund. Can we discuss how this is accessed and put to best use?

Youths congregating in Maddock Way & ASB
We are having many complaints from residents about a group of youths hanging around in Maddock Way, causing noise nuisance, racing mopeds, smoking pot, and causing other ASB. There is also a spate of graffiti tagging appearing all across the estate. I have no idea if these are ‘gang tags’ or not, but this needs to be investigated, and hopefully dealt with. Is this something that the SYA can help address?