Tower Block Riser & DHN Plantroom Pump Replacements – Feasibility Report

We have just been given a copy of the feasibility report for the replacement of the heating pipework. This work is potentially going to cost every leaseholder £6,829.74

This report makes very worrying reading. LBS are proposing to spend £2.2 million replacing heating riser pipework on the basis of a non-intrusive visual inspection. Despite the fact that there is balcony access on every second floor, these balconies were not accessed to inspect the ducting, insulation, or pipework.

Please see the report here 

Please take the time to read the first 14 pages of the report. I have highlighted the areas I believe to be important and added comments as I saw fit. I am not a heating professional, but I strongly feel that we need to engage a qualified heating professional to review this, and other documents.

Please see the letter that we sent to our local ward counsellors, asking them to refrain from awarding this £2.2 m contract until the whole project is reviewed by an independent heating professional here.

And here is the response from Dave Hodgson, LBS Director of Asset Management,  here