TRA Committee Meeting 17th March

Our next TRA meeting will be held on the 17th March @ 7:00pm.

Ward counsellors & the Resident Services team have been invited to hear your views & answer your questions.

Please use the contact form if these are any items you would like added to the agenda.

19:00 – Welcome, Guests,  & Attendance Register

19:10 – Cycle Storage

Updates from Nat Stevens on LBS funding CycleHoop bike hangers & suggestions from residents as to preferred locations for these. Nat has agreed to fund some bike hangers on the Brandon.

19:25 – Jack Hobbs Club Steering Board

Call out for two Brandon young people to fill the two places allocated to Brandon 1 residents. This will also involve participation from the children’s parents at the Steering Board meetings.

19:30 – Brandon Summer Programme – Ola

Ola will introduce the initiatives that are being planned by the Brandon parents group to be run over the summer period, and beyond.

19:50 – ‘Pistol’ – Danny Boyle series being filmed on the Brandon

An update for residents on the upcoming production to be filmed on the Brandon on the 24th March. The crew will be on the estate setting up from Friday 19th March, through to clearing out on Friday 26th March.

The TRA has negotiated a fee of £750 per day for the duration of this shoot, which will provide us with some much needed funding.

20:10 – Gardening & Great Estates Update

Update on the great estates planting at the bottom of the tower blocks & discuss other gardening suggestions proposed.

20:25 – Resident Issues – Q&A with Counsellors & Resident Services

Open session for residents to ask questions, report repairs

20:40 – AOB

  • Ongoing Heating issues. Heating Action Group.