Update – Food Growing Plots

We got the following update from the GE team tasked with delivering the new growing spaces:

Dear all,

Thanks for your patience while we’ve liaised with contractors about the new food-growing space. We are now in a position to confirm that we can go ahead with the build and the contractor can begin in mid-June. We hope for completion by  mid-July so that growers can get some crops into the ground for later this year.

There were a couple of layout options considered for this space – one based on two long 10x3m brick beds (40cm deep), subdivided with scaff boards, as with the existing space opposite Jack Hobbs; another based on 10 individual wooden raised beds (60cm deep) with paths between these. There are positives and negatives to each of these options, in terms of durability and also ease of access for people to get to their plots.

Following feedback from Tom about the group’s preference for brick and a competitive quote from the supplier we have been able to go with the brick option. The attached sketch shows the proposed layout. The new food growing space will sit within the grassy area behind Cooks Road, enclosed by a new wire-mesh fence to keep dogs out. The two brick beds might be subdivided into around 5 plots each – with the option of mini half-plots at the ends. The central space between the beds will be left free for now for future development with more raised beds or potentially a polycarbonate greenhouse. There will be large water butts installed with the build, which can be refilled by hose from the new tap on the outside of Cornish House. Surfacing will be grass or woodchip and there will be spaces for compost bays to be added.  

Please let us know if you have any questions or please put these to Tom so that we can coordinate replies.

Best wishes,


Please find a sketch of the proposed new growing area here 

The two large raised beds in this sketch will be subdivided into 5 or 6 smaller plots, measuring approx 2m x 3m, and these will be allocated to residents on an annual basis. Use of these plots will be subject to the T&C’s of our gardening group.