Brandon History Project

We recently applied for funding to develop a history project about the Brandon and its landmark architecture.

This is an outline of the project to promote the Brandon Estate as a successful and landmark piece of post-war social housing, celebrating the excellent design of the public space with significant artworks and progressive housing. The project would include:

  • Capturing a contemporary set of oral histories to supplement fifty that were captured in the late 1970s by Tony Parker in his book “People of Providence” Reclaiming the narrative on the Brandon, and creating a positive archive of information.
  • Contribute towards a book on the history of Walworth share the history of our estate with our residents via our community website & the Walworth society website & archives.
  • Seeking permissions to use historic images and films and to produce content for an exhibition, which can be staged on and around the estate, within socially distanced parameters

We  will work with the historians from the Walworth Society, Diana Cochrane on the architectural aspect, and Neil Crossfield on the historical research aspect. If you would like to be involved, or contribute to this project, please get in touch using the contact form.

Here is a link to the proposal document that we used to obtain the funding. We are planning to begin working on this project during the Spring / Summer of 2021.